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Whether you just arrived without established credit history or if you’re already situated in the US, you deserve a credit card that is perfectly tailored for cross-cultural challenges.

A credit card made for international professionals living and working in the US (e.g. with an H-1B, L1, TN or E2 employment visa).


No security deposit required

We do not ask for a security deposit even if you just arrived to the US and have not established a credit history. We know you. We trust in you.


Know your score and improve your credit

We know the importance of the score for you and show it to you in a way that makes sense. This way you always know your status and your strengths.


Traveling across continents should not cost you more than being local. Work abroad. Feel at home.


The fee is on us. Forever. Just use the card.


A credit card that is made for Expatriates by Expatriates. You shouldn’t be treated differently for crossing borders. That is why we decided to be better than others and treat you as you deserve.

Our team of cross-cultural experts in partnership with a
strong financial institution developed a unique solution for international professionals.

Currently we are establishing the infrastructure with our partner bank. In Q3 2018 we are going to launch the test phase with our pre-registered customers. We are planning to open the doors to the public in Q4 2018. We are currently accepting applications from employment visa holders, such as H-1B, L1, TN or E2. Nevertheless, in the future we plan to extend the application to additional visa categories.